Klubb Locus – resident night

Arrangör Klubb Locus
Datum lördag 12 mars
Insläpp 22.00
Pris 30 kr/120 kr
Åldersgräns 18 år
Plats Stora Klubben

Believe it or not but we are back with our Resident Night at Pustervik! 


To tell a little something on what this is all about for those who don’t already know.. Well, it’s like this huge family dinner that has been going on for some 20 years. It’s the kind of family that’s obsessed with dancing to deep underground house music in a massive cloud of red smoke. Throw the biggest speakers in town into the mix and voilá. You’re feeling it, right. The vibrations. Damn, you’re already dancing, aren’t you! That’s great news. See you soon on the dance floor!

30 kr until midnight, 120 kr after.