Lift every voice – Black History Cabaret

Arrangör Eden Lost
Datum lördag 23 februari
Insläpp 18.00
Pris 250 / 400
Åldersgräns 20 år
Plats Matsalen
Köp biljett

A celebration of black history ﴾and a herald of the future﴿ told through the perspective of black people throughout the pan African diaspora. This cabaret promotes the awareness of Black History Month and the achievements of various black legends who have made great contributions to dance, the arts, and society in general.

The title of the production is ”Lift Every Voice: Black History Cabaret” The name is derived from James Weldon Johnson’s iconic Black American national anthem, Lift Every Voice and Sing.

A very special thank you to Konstnärsnämnden for their support.

Our Host for the evening:

As a velvet-toned songbird or powerhouse of a host, “a bad girl with a good voice and a lot of loving to give…”, Sadie Sinner is a creative force!

Live on Stage:

Twerk- Extraordinaire Bunni Morretto (UK) puts the ass in tassels.

The sepia siren of Norway. The mic drop of burlesque. Knockout Noire!

Sage Sovereign is a New York City based fire and performance artist, that can be found on stages throughout the world.

Gothenburg based drag king the one and only lady-lovin’, funkalicious man of the hour, Noah Fence.

Alyssa Chloe (SWE/USA) is a dancer, choreographer, and educator who for 15 years has become is one of the leading artists within her generation for honing her skills, creatively and authentically in her interpretations of sister styles Punking/Whacking and Vogue.

Topanga Love – Glamazon Extraordinaire, is a Neo Burlesque, Freakshow and DragQueen International artist active in the London circuit since 2011.

Azrael Lost (GBG/LA) drag king, rock n roll prince of darkness.

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