Mary’s kids + Bigger Better Bombs

Arrangör High Time
Datum lördag 5 augusti
Insläpp 21.00
Pris 60
Åldersgräns 18 år
Plats Matsalen

Mary’s Kids are set to release their first recordings since 2016’s L.I.E.S . EP. In what will be the first installment of a set of four EP’s released on 7” vinyl through Ghost Highway Recordings and Beluga Records, Time Has Come was released in May 2017, with the other three EP’s following over the course of the next year. 

Recorded by Anders Carlsson at Knaster Studio, Time Has Come features three original Mary’s Kids songs as well as Samhain’s In My Grip. The four EP’s will follow the same theme with each recording featuring a cover version. The second installment, Don’t Back Down, recorded in part with Carlsson and also Stefan Brändström at his studio The Dustward, features a roaring version of Nina Simone’s classic, Ain’t Got No, I Got Life , giving a hint of what’s to come. The third and fourth installments are due to be recorded by Brändström. 

As if that’s not that enough, the four EP’s will later be released at some point in 2018 as a long player album, but with the four cover versions being replaced by original Mary’s Kids songs. With the better part of 2017 being spent in the rehearsal space and the recording studio, the band will be taking a step back from the road for a little while, although there are a few shows around Europe as well as some festival dates being booked at time of writing and will be announced shortly. 

Mary’s Kids are first and foremost a band that lives and thrives on the road of course, and they plan to be back in full swing with an album and a shit load of tour dates for 2018! Keep your eyes peeled and your ears keen! 

Bigger Better Bombs har lyckats med den tvivelaktiga bedriften att spela punk av och till i över tio års tid utan att lyckas uppnå någonting. Efter att ha lagt ner bandet redan 2012 gjorde Bigger Better Bombs återtåg på Jazzhuset i fjol när de öppnade för Poison Idea. Sedan dess har det jobbats, med usel självdisciplin, på nytt material som nu äntligen kommer i form av den nya sjuan "Devil's Harvest EP", som officiellt släpps kvällen till ära! Det är skränig djävla garagepunk med medlemmar från bland annat Dirty Burger och Raka Rør. Det blir bra alltså.