Oktoberklubben & Hubbabubbaklubb

Arrangör Hosted By: Nudie Jeans
Datum torsdag 24 maj
Insläpp 21.00
Plats Stora Klubben

Disco-musik är gränslöst och med det sagt så välkomnar vi alla till en magisk kväll av Svensk/Norsk disco-extravaganza! Maj månads version av Hosted By: levererar två tunga Skandinaviska och baleariska akter tillsammans för första gången. 

Göteborgs-trion Oktoberklubben tar med sig sina feta västkust-grooves till stora scenen och backar upp dessa rejäl trave synthar och charmerande rytmer. Vi har även lyckan att kunna presentera ett exklusivt DJ-set från Hubbabubbaklubb, hela vägen från Oslo! För tre år sedan förtrollade detta disco/pop-kollektiv oss med den retro-futuristiska låten Mopedbart. Efter en kort paus är Hubbabubbaklubb tillbaka med nya spåret Tomme Lommer och medans vi inväntar deras albumdebut tar vi varje chans att få vara i samma rum som dom.

Dörrarna slår upp 21.00 och vi uppmanar er till att komma tidigt för att säkra er plats till denna musikaliska resa som ingen får missa! Fri entré!

Our music has been called “contemporary music for adults”. Maybe it’s the other way around, we don’t know. The labels are less important than the fact that we, Oktoberklubben, have a new record coming out – ‘The Orust Tapes’. It will be released on West Coast Recordings the 23rd March.

Based on an idea of running wild and be able to let our imagination run free our trio went out to Orust, on the west coast of Sweden, and set up camp in a cabin in the woods. During a couple of days, infused by Pripps Blå, we wrote and recorded all the material from scratch. Inspired by the sunshine, moonlight and the sounds of the nature ‘The Orust Tapes’ is a lovechild sprung out of its immediate surroundings. If a single component only where slightly different the result wouldn’t have been the same.

The album is packed with guitar leads and rhythmic synths. Dancey and laid back, all at the same time. Oktoberklubben is first and foremost a live band, both in creative and spirit, and we are looking forward to bringing The Orust Tapes from the cabin to the stage. We can’t wait to throw a load of vintage synthesizers in the back of our -89 Landcruiser and hit the roads.

Oh, by the way. If you didn’t get the Pripps Blå reference mentioned earlier. When Daniel Wang once was offered a Pripps by one of us, he turned in in the middle of the DJ-set, stopped playing his signature air violin and screamed: “This is a bum-beer, right?”

Bum or not, it sure helped us finish this record.

Hope you enjoy!

– Edvin, André & Francisco

Native disco-pop wonders hubbabubbaklubb are five loose troubadours who wades through the quagmire in the dark music landscape in search of genuine sound, melancholic melodies and mysterious words. The test the five chaps are exposed to in the musical process can be described as a cordial tug of war with Mother Earth in deep lush valleys and snowy peaks. But fear not, the club has brought espresso, a small lunch bag and their pressed pants are always intact. Between battles the five loafers offer cultural pundits at the local tavern where they roll the dice for tomorrow’s adventures.

Sydney's excellent Death Strobe label released 'Mopedbart'. The band, of which Danish edit maestro Joystick Jay is a member, weave an all-live smooth Balearic-pop / disco vibe with toasty warm synths and a stoned summer aura.

'Mopedbart' is best listened to in a hammock, sipping a cold beer or another alcoholic beverage of your choice while watching the sun go down, or grooving along at the beach bar with a big grin on your face. Sounding like the kind of late 70s – early 80s Balearic-pop / disco-not-disco track that only dedicated vinyl junkies dig up after years of searching, this is absolutely brilliant. The words might be in Norwegian (the story of a dude cruising around town on his scooter living it easy apparently), but you can all sing along to the 'ba-da-da-ba-da-ba-da' chorus.

Hubbabubbaklubb transport anybody within earshot straight to a toasty world of deck chairs, disco dancing and good times…