Stay Out West

Arrangör Way Out West
Datum fredag 12 augusti
Insläpp 22.00
Pris WOW-biltett gäller
Åldersgräns 18 år
Plats Stora Klubben
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Arooj Aftab:

When the prestigious American online music publication Pitchfork crowned the 100 best tracks of 2021, Arooj Aftab placed at ninth place with her mesmerizing song ‘Mohabbat’ – the flagship of her widely celebrated breakthrough album ‘Vulture Prince’. And though, still obscure for many, the recognition makes all the sense in the world. The Pakistan-born composer, currently residing in Brooklyn, has crafted a hypnotic, spellbinding album about the loss of her younger brother. Drawing from classic Hindustani, jazz, Arabic poetry and folk Arooj Aftab seamlessly transitions between sorrow, grief, and acceptance.

Alex G:

The viewpoint that ideas should be recorded before they float away or suffocates under the curse of overthinking is what unites all lo-fi artists. Philadelphia’s favorite indie-rocker Alex G has practiced that method for over a decade. Drawing from a seemingly inexhaustible well of inspiration, Alex Giannascoli has released his experimental yet accessible mix of odd indie-rock, noise, pitch-shifted vocal and folk.


Believe the hype because Geese’s unanimously praised debut album ‘Projector’ (2021) is as good as everybody says. Despite being a band of Brooklyn kids fresh out of high school, they are not “on to something” – they are already there. The music is inventive, dynamic, lyrically surprising and bursting with raw, intense energy. Not surprising, Geese were instantly picked up Partisan Records which also house fellow post-punk sensation’s like IDLES and Fontaines DC.



The story of Irish-Zimbabwean artist shiv is an unusual one. A year after graduating from studying psychology in 2017 shiv – terrified of speaking in public – decided to write and sing the song ‘Unfolding’ at her sister’s wedding. The video was posted on YouTube and caught the attention of a music management. shiv decided to abandon her studies to pursue music. After self-releasing ‘Here’ in 2019 shiv shared her first hit ‘Golden’ later the same year. With her soulful blend of R&B, warm hazy instrumentals and lo-fi hip hop, shiv is now considered one of the most exciting new artists in Ireland, gaining support from radio stations such as BBC and 2FM. 


Being sincere and sincerely funny at the same time is a challenging juggling act but one perfected by rising Irish country-superstar CMAT. With her amazing debut album ‘If My Wife New I’d Be Dead’ Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson manages to be self-confessional, vulnerable, and hilarious – all at the same time as being an undeniably talented songwriter and a multitalented vocalist. CMAT has already taken Ireland by storm where her debut entered the charts as number one and now the time has come for the rest of the world to discover this inimitable talent!

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