Stay out west

Arrangör Way Out West
Datum lördag 13 augusti
Insläpp 22.00
Pris WOW-biljett gäller
Åldersgräns 18 år
Plats Matsalen
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Katy Kirby:

Sometimes quirky, sometimes sweet but always earnest Katy Kirby channels indie folk, pop, and rock on her stunning debut album ‘Cool Dry Place’. Simplicity is hard work and Kirby has worked hard. Blessed with a rare sensitivity, Texas-based songwriter Kirby has already mastered the delicate act of making clever, multi-layered music sound uncomplicated. Her storytelling is open-minded, observant, and thoughtful – her voice vulnerable but reassuring.  Fans of Big Thief, Feist and Phoebe Bridgers will most likely find a new favorite in Kate Kirby.

Indigo de Souza:

Somewhere between grungy rock and pop we find North Carolina’s Indigo De Souza. But whether she delivers radio-ready hooks like on soulful ‘Hold U’, an unnerving rock catharsis as in ‘Real Pain’ or sweet indie pop as in ‘Pretty Pictures’ the glue that binds everything together is her outstanding sense of melody and her truly extraordinary vocal performances. Somehow De Souza manages to stack every note with so much emotion that it barely holds, and the result is as passionate as it is intimate

Altin Gün:

Altin Gün loves Turkish psychedelic rock from the 60s and 70s. In fact, the members hailing from Turkey, Indonesia, and the Netherlands loves it with such intensity that they decided to base their entire musical universe on it. But what may havestarted as a retro fantasy quickly turned into an expertly executed contemporary version of Anatolian rock. Their funkyblend of psychedelic rock and Turkish folk music made a big splash with the stunning debut ‘Go’ from 2018 and last year they released their third, celebrated album ‘Yol’. Here we find the members adding drum machines and disco influences tothe mix without forgetting their heritage.


Vera Vice:

The creative process of Estonian electronic music duo Vera Vice is a bit different. Field recordings of everyday sounds from everyday situation is often the basis of their dreamy, hallucinatory pop which grants the music a distinct ambience. Add some hypnotic poetry and the fact that both members have a degree in photography, and you get a deeper understanding of the singular sound of Vera Vice.


Growing up in a home where soulful R&B, Italian opera and Arabic folk music were played consecutively provided the perfect melting pot for the rare sound of Nedja. As a result, this Tunisian-Norwegian artist, currently residing in Oslo, is currently pushing borders with her smooth Arabic-infused R&B. Nedja’s catchy debut ‘Flower Boy’ was released in 2021 later the same year followed by heartbroken ‘Over It’. Earlier this year Nedja released ‘DNYS’, showcasing another side of herself with lower range vocals and a feisty attitude.

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