Truckfighters + Jirm + Kal-El + Kungens män

Arrangör Revival Booking
Datum lördag 1 juni
Insläpp 17.00
På Scen 17.30
Pris 395
Åldersgräns 18
Plats Stora Klubben
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REVIVAL is pleased to present the first iteration of
“FOR THE REVIVAL OF BEAUTIFUL ARTS a showcase festival of sorts, bringing you the eclectic essence of our wide-ranging booking program.

With thanks to the exceptional PUSTERVIK for hosting, we are proud to bring you this event with the intention of highlighting the importance and impact of live music and creative industries in our ever-changing cultural landscape and world at large.
This event is a celebration in the true sense of the word for both live music as the unique and soul filling art form that it is, and you, our audience whose enthusiasm makes it all possible.

While we revel in the immense talents of eight incredible bands over two stages, musical memories will be made and we will be transported through soulful soundscapes and electrifying expressions of heavy fuzz, funky expansive psych, prodigious prog, kraut, melodic post rock, indie and more.
We invite you to join us for this curated live music experience for the revival, and future of beautiful arts. 

In addition, there will be a vinyl market and dj’s on Saturday, as well as an opening event on Friday 31.05, with more information to come.


Legendary Swedish fuzz makers.

Hardly in need of any introduction, Truckfighters have been a steady cornerstone of the international stoner rock scene since the early 2000s. Pummeling audiences worldwide with high octane performances of pulverizing riffage and monolithic walls of fervently desert flavoured fuzz, Truckfighters show us all time and time again why they’ve earned their monumental pedigree as power players in the European heavy rock scene with their infectiously driving and electrifyingly legendary energy. The band’s dusty desert vibes skillfully paint a sun soaked picture of the parched landscape made so famous by Southern California’s preeminent riff-meisters of the late 90’s and 2000’s,  but with the Swedish stoner legacy at its molten core. The band’s definitively abiding international appeal is timelessly classic at this point. Truckfighters will bring the house down and the first iteration of the Revival festival to a stomping close.


Esoterically emotive, heavily stony cosmic prog.

Celebrating 20 years as a band, JIRM have spent more than two decades exploring what it truly means for a rock band to be “progressive.” Touring extensively from Sao Paulo to Pleszew each of their five releases growing successively heavier, weirder ( in the best way) and more eclectic, Sweden’s heady riffscapaders deliver a live experience which is an emotive journey into the soul like none other.
A blissful heft reminiscent of Soundgarden and their Grooviest and as expansive and psychedelically rich as Pink Floyd, their interstellar kosmische features expressive vocals swathed in a sonorous fuzz bomb of beautifully massive, groove-filled and rapturous riffing.


Fuzzed out intergalactic stoner rock. 

Norway’s Kal-El have had their phasers set to stun with world domination on the horizon thanks to their no prisoners live approach and one sell -out release after another since 2012. Their supersonic sound features titanic volume and earth rattling overdrive with skillful, bass heavy sling, detuned guitars, and mind-expanding lyrics. The band flashes straight forward stoner rock chops and Sabbathian influence (incidentally endorsed by none other than Tony Iomi himself) through complex rhythmic passages, massive down tuned guitar tone, and a signature spacy groove ever present.  Teaching a decisive masterclass in fuzz rock from outer space, Stavanger’s prodigal sons are fully fledged forerunners of fuzz-laden, anthemic, riff-fuelled stoner ragers to satiate your riff hungry souls.

Kungens Män

Masters of the Swedish improvisational psychedelic experience.

Improvisational psych royalty Kungens Män are legends of the Swedish psych scene and for good reason, they traverse the gamut of pure psychedelic freak out, to elegantly exploratory ramblings, all imbued with a sense of purposeful pastiche from a sextet so in tune with each other and their very particular milieu, that the coalescence of their freakily organic nature simultaneously deconstructs and recreates space and time. Over 30 releases and more than a decade in existence, this motley band of jazz masters hardly shows any hint of slowing down and providing us with kaleidoscopic third eye stimuli. Expect the unexpected and be immersed in a funky, expansive, psychedelic soundscape of sprawling auditory genius with Kungens Män.

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